Volador FlyTech

Volador FlyTech Soars at UK-Singapore Business Partnership Launch

In a day marked by excitement and camaraderie, Volador FlyTech took center stage as part of the UK delegation at the launch of the UK-Singapore Business Partnership in Singapore. The event, a collaborative effort to foster stronger ties between the two nations, unfolded with enthusiasm and promise.

The opening ceremony, graced by Her Excellency Kara Owen, British High Commissioner to Singapore, and Peter Ong, Chairman of Enterprise Singapore, set the tone for a day filled with engaging panel sessions and discussions. Stakeholders from both countries came together, unveiling a plethora of opportunities to drive net-zero partnerships and advance the cause of greener urban transport.

The highlight of the day extended beyond the formalities as Volador FlyTech had the pleasure of attending a reception at Kara’s residence. The warm hospitality provided an invaluable platform for connecting with esteemed guests, fostering meaningful exchanges of ideas.

Kara’s unwavering support and recognition of Volador FlyTech’s mission left an indelible mark. Her personal recognition of the company, even from its early days, resonates deeply, and the team expresses heartfelt gratitude for her continued belief in their journey.

This memorable experience reinforces Volador FlyTech’s commitment to contributing to important collaborations. As the company looks back on this day, they express gratitude for the chance to participate in shaping a sustainable and vibrant future.