Volador FlyTech

SS Infinity


Pure Electric

Zero CO2 Emissions

No Pilot License

Ultralight Vehicle


Can fly by itself or you can fly it

Vertical Take-off

And Landing

Personal Flying Vehicle

2-4 Pax Capacity

Enhanced Safety

With Multiple Redundancies

VER 3.0

Our Versatile eVTOL

Enhanced Safety

With Multiple redundancies

Feel Extra Safe

With Ballistic Parachute

Semi - Autonomous

Can fly itself or flown by you

No Pilot License Required

Ultralight Vehicle

Personal Flying Vehicle

Single Seater

3 in 1 Use

EMS, Logistics, Personal

Ver 3.0 Specifications

Weight 115kg
Capacity 95kg
Flight Time 35mins (Approx.)
Range 50km (Approx.)
Service Ceiling 3000 to 5000 Ft AGL
Maximum Ceiling 9000 Ft AGL
Battery Type Li-Ion with Advanced Liquid Immersion Cooling
Max. Power Output 104kW
Motor Electric High Power Brushless Motor