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Sustainable Air Transport and Advanced Battery Systems

Welcome to Volador FlyTech, where the spirit of exploration meets the pragmatism of technological brilliance. Explore our world, where every flight is a testament to our unwavering commitment to redefine possibilities.

Our commitment extends beyond the skies; we're shaping the future of sustainable energy. By developing liquid immersion-cooled, modular battery energy storage solutions, we're empowering homes and industries. From maritime ventures to data centers, our battery innovations transcend conventional norms.

At Volador FlyTech, we navigate the frontier of innovation, bringing dreams of aerospace marvels to life. Born from a passion for pushing boundaries, our journey began with the audacious goal of creating a flying car. Through relentless determination and strategic collaborations, we've evolved into pioneers of not just airborne wonders but also cutting-edge battery technology.

Volador FlyTech – Journey Timeline: Soaring from Dreams to Reality

Dreaming Big
Back in the days, our founder Sachin dreamt of something monumental—something in the aerospace realm. The notion of building a flying car struck him as both audacious and novel. Fast forward to 2017, he found myself in a Boeing competition, vying to create personal flying vehicles. We made it to the final stage, and that experience became a cornerstone for what lay ahead.
Gaining Wings in Academia
Between 2017 and 2020, Sachin delved into the academic skies, pursuing an MSc in Aerospace Vehicle Design at Cranfield University. Simultaneously, navigating the intricacies of Entrepreneurship Management and Corporate Strategy at the University of Cambridge. These were formative years, nurturing the concept of a flying car, waiting for the right moment.
Volador FlyTech Takes Flight
In 2020, the idea materialised into Volador FlyTech. It wasn’t just about building a machine; it was about transforming dreams into tangible creations. With a team on board, we developed our first proof of concept in 2021, testing and refining the structural foundation.
Scaling Heights and Powering Up
We didn’t stop at the proof of concept. Scaled-down models followed in 2021, rigorously testing our systems. Concurrently, we delved into in-house battery development, realising the significance of having our own power source. These were the years of laying the groundwork for what was to come.
Full-Scale Tests and Beyond
The year 2023 marked the completion of a full-scale testbed, a major milestone in our journey. Simultaneously, our battery tech was proving its mettle in scaled prototypes. The horizon shimmered with the promise of a full-scale MVP, certifications, and the anticipation of what lay beyond.
Diversification and Global Reach
Now, as we look ahead to 2024-2025, our focus is on diversification. Our batteries are not just for flying; they power industries—houses/buildings, maritime, freight, data centers, and more. Our sights are set on the UK and India for the first battery launches. Talks are underway with builders, solar tech manufacturers/distributors, and motorcycle companies for strategic partnerships.
Beyond 2025
Taking Flight
We are on track for the market launch of energy storage technology by 2025 along with early adopters for our eVTOL vehicles especially in the emergency response and logistics sector.

Meet The Team

Having previous experience from Airbus (Europe) and Pratt & Whitney (Canada) and leading a team of engineers to design electric aircraft from concept to completion. Holds Masters’ Degree in Aerospace Design. Has Entrepreneur, Strategic Business Management & Corporate Strategy from University of Cambridge and London Business School.

Sachin Ramesh

Founder and CEO

Structures and Aerodynamics team leader at Volador FlyTech with over ten years of Aerospace & Automotive product design experience. Holding Masters’ degree in Aerospace Design and Business Management from Cranfield University. Has Human Resources & skills management studies from London Business School.

Kavipiriyan Shanmuganathan

Project Head

As a Robotics and Control Systems Engineer at Volador FlyTech, he leverages extensive expertise, encompassing robotic systems, perception, and control. With a background as a teaching assistant and military autonomous control engineer, he brings diverse skills to advance Volador FlyTech's goals.

Kartik Agrawal

Robotics and Control Engineer

With over two decades of leadership and senior management experience working with various multi-national and Fortune 500 companies, joins VFT as a Finance and Management advisor. He also currently advises several high growth early stage start-ups and sits as Global Director at Institution of Management Accountants, USA.

Gopinath Mallipatna


With over 2 decades of leadership experience in business strategy, communication and marketing. Prominent positions in Innovate UK and previous senior positions in UK Department for international trade. Also, advisor to several high growth startups, supporting them in their growth journey and scale-up strategies.

Richard Carey-Evans

Innovate UK Growth Advisor

With over 25 years of experience in Automotive, Aerospace, and Transportation, Neil is a seasoned manufacturing process strategy and transformation expert. His focus on green manufacturing and sustainability aligns with our mission to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Neil Trivedi

Non-Executive Director

Expected Launch Year 2027


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