Volador FlyTech

Reflecting on an exhilarating week at CoMotion LA ’23

In the exhilarating backdrop of urban air mobility innovation, Volador FlyTech took flight on a transformative journey as part of the esteemed UK delegation at CoMotion LA. The week-long odyssey unfolded with insightful site visits to Long Beach Airport, providing a firsthand glimpse into the intricate workings of aviation hubs. Engaging discussions ensued with distinguished personalities, including the Deputy Mayor of Long Beach, the Director and Senior Engineer of Long Beach Airport, the VP of LA28, and the Assistant Administrator of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Our further discussions with key figures such as Seleta Reynolds, CIO Los Angeles Metro and LADOT, held the promise of meaningful collaborations. These interactions highlighted the importance of fostering relationships with key stakeholders to drive innovation and navigate the evolving landscape of urban air mobility.

A major highlight was the privilege of conducting a workshop alongside our industry colleagues from Supernal, Overair, and Eve Air Mobility. The workshop aimed to demystify Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) for a diverse audience, including local and international policymakers, fellow eVTOL OEMs, and the broader AAM ecosystem.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Melissa O’Guinn, Sarah Holloway, and the UK Department for Business and Trade for including Volador FlyTech as part of the UK Delegation. Our appreciation also goes to CoMotion for providing a platform that sparks insightful discussions and propels the industry forward. Looking ahead, we are energized by the possibilities that these collaborations and exchanges will unfold in the realm of future mobility.