Volador FlyTech

Celebrating Excellence: Volador FlyTech Shines as Finalists at MKBAA 2023

In a night of excitement and camaraderie, Volador FlyTech recently stood as finalists at the prestigious MKBAA 2023 Innovation Awards. The atmosphere was charged with electric energy as the team engaged with some of the brightest minds in the business world, sharing moments of networking, delectable cuisine, refreshing drinks, and enthusiastic cheers for fellow finalists.

While the grand prize eluded them, Volador FlyTech remains on a soaring high, buoyed by the incredible recognition received among a talented group of professionals. More than mere innovators, they see themselves as trailblazers, poised to make a lasting impact and lead the way in their industry.

The acknowledgment as finalists at MKBAA 2023 is a testament to Volador FlyTech’s dedication to innovation and leadership. Gratitude extends to their supporters, partners, and the entire team whose unwavering commitment has been instrumental in their success.

Together, Volador looks forward to continuing the journey of excellence and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the dynamic world of urban air mobility. Cheers to the spirit of innovation and the exciting journey that lies ahead! 🚀🏆