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SS Infinity

The need for innovative mode of transportation apart from the existing and obsolete road and rail, gives foundation for the futuristic idea of travel through air for intracity and intercity voyage.

Voladors' mission is to create an affordable, safe, easy to operate, semi-autonomous and eVTOL vehicle: The SS Infinity.

SS Infinity offers the individuals an exceptional opportunity to save their most valuable time and reach places faster, in style and with utmost safety than ever before.

Pure Electric

Zero CO2 Emissions

No Pilot License

Ultralight Vehicle


Can Fly by itself or you can fly it

Vertical Take-off

And Landing

Personal Aerial Vehicle

2-4 pax Capacity

Enhanced Safety

With multiple Redundancies

SS INFINITY Specifications

Volador FlyTech

Volador FlyTech is a young company operating out of Cranfield Eagle Labs, UK. Volador envisions of developing electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles and technologies for Urban Air Mobility and Smart Cities. The company aspires to make flying affordable, ensures the best user experience and targets to be marketed across the globe with primary focus on UK, Europe, Japan, USA and UAE. Volador has made significant progress to design and develop its vehicles using advanced technologies and plans a stage wise launch of its various products and services, starting with offering manned aerial vehicles for Urban Air Mobility and then launching its flying taxi services in the next phase.

Our Partners

  • Surya Enterprises

    Surya Enterprises was established as a proprietary firm in early 90s with a vision to provide precision electro mechanical components and tools to the automobile and machine tools industry. The focus has been to provide high value precision components which are comparable to global standards to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The founder is a seasoned Mechanical Engineer with diverse experience and had earlier served a major Public Sector Undertaking in a senior management position. Since the advent of space technology in the recent past, the product profile has been diversified to include high quality materials and components for the aerospace industry as well. At Surya Enterprises, we strive to deliver the best!

  • Aarna Space Automation specializes in various custom built products for the Aerospace sector. The product profile includes various parts and components that are required for the engineering and development of satellites and other space vehicles. Aarna is committed to quality, as we understand the risks and costs involved in any eventualities. Aarna is also developing its own products that can be used as a standard item in various OEM requirements.

  • Startup Basket is a research and development consultancy firm. It also has a fund raising arm that supports various startups and SMEs. The company was established in the year 2015, and since then we have done research for a variety of clients from Aerospace, Satellite data, Electronics, Technology Services, Food and Beverages, etc. At Startup Basket, the team has diversified industry experts who handle different industry verticals, and provide services in the areas of product design, project management, and strategies, among others.

Meet the Team

Sachin Ramesh

Co-Founder and CEO

Holding Masters' degree in Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University, UK, specialised in structural design and analysis of Aircraft Wings and Optimisation of Jet Engine exhaust diffuser. Has experience in leading a team of structural engineers to design and validate an all-electric aircraft from concept stage to completion.

Gopinath Mallipatna


Experienced professional with over two decades of experience in finance and management. Worked for various companies in various capacities including admin, HR, accounting, procurement to name a few. Currently holds the position of Global Director at the Institute of Management Accountants, USA and active advisor to many start-ups.

Expected Launch
Year 2025










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